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Reliable Water Damage Restoration Services from South Central PA

Water damage can strike your home without notice. A leaking pipe or flash flood can cause great panic and stress, no matter what time of day the incident occurs. At Restoration Relief, we aim to be the water damage restoration team you can trust in times of trouble! Our reliable team has over a decade of experience with emergency services of all kinds, including fire, smoke, and storm damage restoration. We’re open 24/7, so you know you always have someone on your side ready to help!

In the case of an emergency, every second counts. Contact our team to get the water damage restoration services you need today!

Upon arrival, our water damage repair crew will:


  • Assess the area with modern technology to determine the extent of the water damage
  • Develop a water mitigation plan to include equipment required to dry the structure
  • Perform professional water extraction from damaged floors and content
  • Perform emergency demolition, if required
  • Place equipment according to plan
  • Return to the site days later to monitor moisture levels, record the drying process, and adjust the equipment if needed


Prevent Further Damage with a Water Mitigation Plan

After you call our water remediation company, we’ll instruct you with a simple plan for immediate water mitigation. Water mitigation services prevent further water damage from impacting your property and belongings, which is why it’s vital to get started quickly.  

There are a few things you can do to your property before we arrive to help kickstart the water mitigation efforts, such as:

  • If you have a pipe burst, stop the water source by shutting off the main water valve
  • Contact your plumber, HVAC professional, or roofer to fix the source of the problem
  • If draperies extend to the damaged floor level, pin or tie them back to keep moisture from wicking into the fabric

We understand that damage to your business or home can be devastating. It’s important to take all the steps of water mitigation to reduce its destructive effects! If you have further questions about the best way to achieve efficient water damage restoration, please contact our team today.   

Commercial & Residential Water Extraction Solutions

residential water damage repair

Once a water mitigation plan is in place, our trained team will begin an extensive water extraction process. This removes the unwanted water from your building! See some of the incredible before and after photos from projects we’ve recently helped with.

Bringing your home or business back to life after severe water damage isn’t easy – but it’s possible! At Restoration Relief, we pair our professional team with modern practices to provide reliable water extraction and damage repair to PA and MD. Get immediate help when you call or email our team now.

Call Us 24/7 For Help with Water Damage Restoration

Since 2011, we’ve been moved with compassion for those who experience unforeseen difficulties to the home, like mold, smoke, or fire damage. At Restoration Relief, we’re a disaster and emergency relief company proudly serving Eastern PA and Northern Maryland. What was birthed from a desire to serve has turned into one of the most trusted water damage restoration companies around. Learn more about us here!  

Our goal is to remove the fear of the unknown in some of life’s most stressful situations. Contact Restoration Relief for water damage repair and remediation today!


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