fire damage to garage stone and vinyl garage restored after fire

Fire Damage Restoration

Fires devastate both your life and your space, leaving you feeling helpless, confused, and wondering what to do next. Restoration Relief will take that burden away. When you trust us to provide care to your house and property, take comfort in knowing that your property and space are in the hands of experts who will take care of them as their own.

The Reassurance You Need Following a Fire

The Restoration Relief name was not chosen on a whim – when you trust us following a disaster, we want you to feel a true sense of relief. Whether it’s your home or your business, we guarantee everything is both safe and properly restored when we’re done with it.

When you partner with Restoration Relief after a fire, you can expect:

  • Expert guidance from start to finish
  • A guaranteed safe and secured space
  • A compassionate and personal touch that extends through the claims process
  • Experienced knowledge for your benefit to properly restore your property
  • Firmly established operation that will restore your property back to it’s pre loss condition


The Attention to Detail You Deserve

Since all fire damage is different, the first step we always take is to thoroughly assess the affected areas of your home, facility, or business. Our certified fire restoration team will evaluate and restore the safety of your building with the following steps:

  • If needed, work with Forensic Fire Investigators to help identify the source of the fire
  • Securing the property to assure your property and belongings are safe and to keep anyone out that does not belong on the premises.
  • Analyzing smoke and heat patterns to determine the extent of the damage
  • Mitigation of any water damage that may have occurred during the firefighting process
  • Assessing fixtures and content affected by smoke and soot particles
  • Removal of any fire related damage to the structure
  • Reconstruction of the property to a pre-loss condition that exceeds all expectations.

Smoke damage and the resulting odors can last for years if not professionally mitigated. These odors can cause health issues for anyone in your home or business, but particularly for infants, the elderly, and anyone with breathing problems. Once the experts of Restoration Relief have addressed and eliminated the fire- and smoke-related odors along with completing repairs to the damaged areas, your space will be as good as new. We consider it a “job well done” when all residual effects of the fire are eliminated and there are no signs that a disaster took place.

severe fire damage to roof fire damaged garage

Post-Fire Damage Reconstruction

Another important part of our fire restoration process is the reconstruction of the building’s structural components. This process includes a thorough inspection of your home or business for safety — while performing the necessary construction work to repair damage from the fire. Our in-house teams will take care of the demolition work that may be necessary and will rebuild your home or business to what it was before the damage occurred and better.

A fire is traumatic, there’s no way around that. The experts at Restoration Relief are available 24/7 so that your space is safe and made habitable again quickly. Our goal is to provide you with a sense of relief from the very first phone call, through the end of the project. Contact us today!

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