Bio Hazard & Crime Scene Remediation


Our umbrella term, Restoration Relief Trauma Cleanup Services, focuses on cleaning up blood and other biological materials due to a violent physical accident or death on a property. Family and friends of the hurt or deceased are usually too overwhelmed to cope with cleaning up after an accident or death. Let Restoration Relief’s staff, who are specifically trained to handle these difficult and delicate situations with respect and discretion, do the clean up for you.

Our technicians have access to the most advanced cleaning technology to clear away all fluids and traces of decomposition on the property. This must be completed, not only for health and safety reasons, but also for peace of mind. We’re committed to easing the pain of a trauma by quickly, quietly, and respectfully returning your property back to its original state.

If you are in need of our services, or if you have any questions regarding the restoration needs within your home or business, please feel free to give Restoration Relief a call.

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