soot damage in kitchen smoke damage in residential home


As a home or property owner, you may be anxious to start cleaning up right after a fire has occurred. However, you may cause additional damage to your structures if you haven’t been professionally trained in fire restoration services.

Before Restoration Relief arrives, here are some tips to prevent or minimize further damage:

  • If possible, open windows in order to ventilate the area and get the air moving
  • Do not add water to the walls or touch the walls since the oil from your hands and the added moisture will set the soot permanently into the paint
  • If possible, try not to walk in lightly damaged areas to avoid tracking soot from the heavier contaminated areas and creating further damage
  • Please understand if water was used to extinguish a fire, we will take care of all necessary demolition and structural drying before we start any restoration work.


Restoration Relief understands that a fire is devastating. We provide the necessary services to thoroughly clean and deodorize your home, business, or property after fire or smoke damage has occurred. We are an emergency-based company trained in the response and services of fire/smoke, water and mold restoration, and we can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We assure you we will treat you with compassion, professionalism, and the knowledge needed in order to help you through to the end of the restoration process.

If you are in need of our services, or if you have any questions regarding restoration for your home or business, please feel free to give Restoration Relief a call.

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