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Sewage Cleanup

A sewage backup in your home or place of business is an absolute nightmare. Trust us, we’ve seen it all. What was your clean bathroom, office, or basement is suddenly uninhabitable and teeming with harmful bacteria and, of course, the stench. This is precisely when Restoration Relief will step in support of you. Residential or commercial, we have your back 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

Emergency Sewage Cleanup Services

Even after the source of a sewage backup is fixed, the resulting waste-filled water can leave you dealing with strong odors and an assortment of dangerous bacteria. These harmful viruses and microbes pose a threat to the health and well-being of your family, your students, or your employees – so you’ll want to make sure a professional treats the affected areas as soon as possible. The certified team members of Restoration Relief are available to provide emergency assistance to remedy and return your home or business back to normal after the shock of a sewage backup. You can trust our experienced professionals to provide all of the plumbing repairs, sanitization, and replacement needed to get your home or facility back in working order. Leave the dirty work to us – we’ll take care of your home as carefully as we would our own.

Our Process

Following a sewage emergency, you’ll want to be sure that the restoration of the area is managed by people who know what they’re doing. Our experienced team members will take charge of the cleanup and restoration of your property by providing the following services:

  • Extracting solid sewage and water damage from the affected areas
  • Eliminating germs and bacteria
  • Removing and disposing of unsalvageable items and fixtures
  • Repairing any structural damage related to the sewer backup
  • Replacing walls, flooring, and plumbing fixtures

When you trust the health and safety of your loved ones, your employees, or other people that rely on you, to Restoration Relief, you know that you are receiving the highest level of attention and expertise. This is our specialty, and this is what we are prepared to do – to change your unpleasant situation from uncertainty to relief.

sewage backup in basement basement of home with water damage

Trust the Experts at Restoration Relief

With sewage cleanup, we don’t overlook any details. This includes taking steps to evaluate and restore contaminated items of high sentimental or monetary value that may have been affected by a sewage emergency. We’ll also make sure your property is returned to its normal dry state assuring there are no mold issues due to incomplete drying. In addition, we can hunt for the source of the backup to ensure an incident like this never happens again.

There’s no question – a sewer backup is an emergency, but you can take control of the situation. Let the certified Restoration Relief experts give you back your peace of mind. Contact us today!

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